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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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by the time we leave, it's over. >> i was very worried. i am worried because i don't know what happened. >> tonight video is still coming in of a devastating and deadly earthquake that has hit the country of chile, tearing apart bridges, highways, and homes. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. that quake measured a staggering 8.8, one of the largest ever. at least 300 people are known dead. the search for survivors continues tonight. this is not haiti. chile is a developed country. its president has declared a state of catastrophe. joel brown begins our coverage. >> reporter: one of the largest earthquakes on record rocks
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central chile during the middle of the night. residents scramble in their pajamas. more than 13 million people felt the 8.8-magnitude earthquake. >> it was absolutely frightening, absolutely terrifying. i really thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: daylight revealed rubble in the streets of the capital city santiago, along with collapsed bridges and smashed cars. in concepcion inmates fled this prison after it caught fire. the small colonial town of talca, even closer to the epicenter, the worst is feared. chile's president has he declared a state of catastrophe and is calling for calm and patience as rescue teams and emergency crews do their work. u.s. search and rescue teams are standing by to deploy to chile. so far, chilean authorities haven't asked any other countries for help. even though this quake was hundreds of times more powerful than the one that shook haiti last month, its location,
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deeper in the earth, combined with chile's better construction standards, means far less devastation. >> damage was really spread out. this is definitely not a haiti situation, by no means. >> reporter: hospitals are still treating scores vine gourd, and hundreds of thousands of chileans have lost their homes. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. >> so far no reports of u.s. casualties in chile. there are 118 people assigned to the u.s. embassy in the capital of santiago. in our area tonight family and friends trying to contact their loved ones in chile. it hasn't been easy. >> we're very worried about our folks back home. >> reporter: when the earthquake hit people were asleep. it was 3:00 in the morning. members of the chile cultural corporation in washington quickly got to work. >> cell phone, regular phone, started calling everyone that we knew in the local area, waking them up. >> reporter: not only did
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monica kinney call people in washington, she called her family in chile. >> i was able to reach one person, and she told me the ceiling in her house fell, the walls fell. they had no light, no electricity. luckily for them they were safe. >> reporter: others had had trouble getting through. >> i didn't get in touch with anybody at all. >> reporter: cell phone towers are down. the embassy of chile in washington has advised people to text or use technology like facebook, twitter, and even skype. so far, that's what's worked for families here. >> all my family is okay so far. >> reporter: chile is known for its earthquakes. the largest ever recorded happened in chile in 1960. hector says he was there. >> oh, yes, i got scared. woke up in the middle of the night. everything was shaking. you don't know what to do. >> we're waiting for them now. >> reporter: these families know what it's like, and they also know it's important to
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hear that family is going to be okay. >> at this point we are asking everyone to pray for us, you know, keep us in their thoughts and when the time comes, you know, reach out to us. >> reporter: in gaithersburg, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> because the chilean government is not asking for outside assistance kinney says most organizations are not yet collecting money for the country. the quake caused a tsunami that raced across a quarter of the globe today. in hawaii the tsunami resulted in no serious damage. one official said, quote, we seem to have dodged a bullet, but in japan the agency that monitors such storms warn that a major tsunami of up to nine feet could hit the northern coastal areas within the next few hours. an alert has been issued for japan's entire pacific coast urging residents to seek higher ground. in french polynesia waves up to six feet high have pounded the area. thus far, no major damage there. in tahiti travel on low-lying
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road is banned tonight, and residents in the cook islands were evacuating coastal areas. powerful earthquake rattled japan's cosh islands prompting fears of a tsunami. there are no reports of serious damage from the quake believed to be the strongest in a century to hit japan's okinawa islands. in other news, 9news now has learned the d.c. council on tuesday will deliver the most severe punishment to marion barry for his alleged misuse of his council authority. sources close to the city's legislative body says council members will vote to censure barry, strip him of committee assignments and more. that vote could be unanimous. >> i take full responsibility for this lack of good judgment. >> this week marion barry apologized for what he called bad judgment and putting his colleagues in an embarrassing and difficult political position. the ward a representative had had been accused of violating
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city conflict of interest laws by awarding contracts to his girlfriend, donna watts brighthoff. >> mr. berry did not disclose his financial, personal, and sexual relationship. >> attorney and appointed investigator robert bennett conducted the probe of barry at d.c. council chairman vincent gray's request. bennett recommended the case be turned over to the u.s. attorney's office. sores say that a majority of the d.c. council members have agreed to vote to make that move and more against barry on tuesday. d.c. council chairman vincent gray will recommend barry's case be forwarded to the u.s. attorney's office. the chairman will also introduce a resolution that will censure barry. sources close to the council say the former four-term mayor will be stripped of his chairmanship, of the d.c. council housing committee. that commission comes with a $350,000 budget for staff. >> i don't apologize for getting as many resources toward it as i can. >> barry would also lose his
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seat on the finance and revenue committee. he would be replatessed by independent michael brown. >> mr. berry have you asked your colleagues for forgive sentence. >> barry refused to answer all questions following the apology. sources say the representsive is expected to be in the claim bears tuesday and stawferlgly oppose the punishment arguing there were no council rules that prohibited his awarding the contracts to his girlfriend and associates. some of the d.c. council members who will vote to punish barry on tuesday have been considered among his longtime friends and supporters, and that includes the chairman of the council, vincent gray. the hunt is object in northern virginia tonight for a rapist. he attacked two women last night, but as armando trull reports, those may just be his latest victims. >> reporter: arlington police say this man has been stalking and attacking area women late at night. his latest victims, two young women that were walking to their boston home around 4:20
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saturday morning when the rapist struck. >> an unknown male suspect came up behind them and forced them into the house. >> reporter: was he armed? >> he was armed we believe with a handgun. and he restrained both of the women inside the residence. >> reporter: how did he do that? >> he tied them up. >> reporter: for one of the victims the nightmare got worse. >> one of the victims was able to call 911, which is the call we received. and he then took one of the women and made her leave the house with him. >> reporter: sources tell 9news now the woman in her early 20s was driven to this remote spot in prince william county. >> we searched for over four hours for her. >> reporter: our camera found detectives working the scene. prince william county police spent all morning out here on miniville road collecting evidence from where the victim was allegedly dropped off by her abducted tore but the big question is why would he drive over 30 miles from balston and drop her off here. >> you have to know this place.
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somebody who is from around here would know this area very well. >> reporter: detectives believe the suspect tried to assault another woman two weeks ago. >> reporter: should people feel there may bea serial rapist or assaulter out there? >> we certainly want people to be cawrchlts. >> my mom is over 60 years old, and sometimes she stays by herself. my niece also stays by herself. now we know not to leave her by herself here. >> reporter: in arlington, armando trull, 9news now. >> tonight the two women are recovering from the he attack. prince william and arlington county police are asking anyone with information to contact them. a mishap it at reagan national airport this morning. two planes clipped wings while still on the ground. it happened around 9:30 this morning when a u.s. airways flight headed for ft. lauderdale clipped wings with a shuttle flight from new york. nobody was hurt bey the florida- bound plane suffered enough damage that the flight had to be canceled. the 143 passengers on board that plane were put on other
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flights. the washington post is reporting tonight that the washington hospital center has fired 11 nurses and five support staff members who failed to make to the work during that back to back snowstorm that paralyzed the region this month. the washington hospital center is the largest private healthcare facility in the city. on friday the nurse's union filed a class action grievance with the hospital. in the northeast part of the country hundreds of thousands of people remain without power this evening. the hardest hit area was new hampshire with winds clocked at 60 knocked down power lines and left 300,000 residents without electricity. thousands flocked to emergency shelters, many unable to find vacancies. >> he they said everything was booked by noon, and some accounts i heard they were booked by 9:00 in the morning. >> this is a major thing. >> i'm not seeing any progress. >> the propane heater is being blamed for two deaths in new
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hampshire. in nearby massachusetts strong winds and heavy rains have left more than 100,000 people power tonight. still ahead on 9news now this saturday, tragedy for the osmond family this weekend. we'll have that story. and some changes for the killer whale shows in orlando this weekend after a tragic death there this week. we're back in a minute. >> healthy dose of sunshine this afternoon. got up to 47 at national today for an official high. wake-up weather, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies, and you can thank that for not beg as frigid as we could be. if you're up for religious services, or just to enjoy a sunday morning, we're in for a chilly start. your full forecast when we return. with fios you have instant access
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to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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the 18-year-old son of entertainer marie osmond is dead tonight of an apparent suicide. police say michael jumped to his death last night from his downtown l.a. apartment building. he reportedly left a suicide note that referred to a lifelong battle with depression. michael was one of marie osmond's eight children. the entertainer has canceled her las vegas he show with brother donny osmond until further notice. the pilot of a small plane was killed when his aircraft crashed in the yard of an
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edgewater, maryland residence. it happened just before 4:30 this afternoon on warehouse creek lane that's close to lee airport. the plane went down and burst into flames. anne arundel county firefighters responded. the pilot was pronounced dead at that time scene. his name has not been released. sea world resumed its killer whale shows today and hundreds of people were in their seats to watch in orlando. today's shows were the first since the veteran trainer was killed by a 12,000-poundo caflt several people wept as a photo montage of the trainer was shown. sea world says no trainers will be allowed into the water with the whales from this point object. virginia lawmakers are considering a measure to impose the highest lawsuit filing fees in the country. the move is part of a plan to cut the state's $4 billion budget gap. proponents say the legislation would help sheriff's departments avoid budget cuts. critics say the plan would make access to the courts a luxury available to wealthy people and big businesses. the virginia senate passed the
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measure 23-17. it's now pending before the virginia house. in tomorrow's washington examiner, nearly 40% of the third graders earned the gifted and tal lend designation after testing and recommendations in montgomery county. read the full story in sunday's washington examiner. coming up on 9news now this saturday night, any changes from our breezy and chilly weekend. an update when we come back.
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here on 9news now we recognize that more of you are getting up earlier in the morning. you need up to the minute local news, weather and traffic information. that's why we're proud to announce the first regularly scheduled 4:30 a.m. newscast in washington. starting monday, march 8th, 9news now will run every morning from 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. andrea, angie, and howard will have the latest news, traffic, and weather. the cbs early show will air from 7:00 to 9:00, followed by
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"inside edition" and the "the insider" from 9:00 to 10:00. >> devon lucie is here with the latest. >> i'll explain and get to the seven-day forecast, but first, the next three days. we've got a time to sit and chill. in a way, we're going to warm up, the opposite of chilling out, as we've been much of this winter so awfully cold. much of tomorrow is going to be depend entd on cloud cover. more sunshine for sure monday will get us up to 51. tuesday night begins that slight chance of getting more snow. we'll get to that later but first things first. clouds late in the afternoon, then mostly part toll cloudy skies. already seeing a few breaks. mostly partly cloudy skies in the morning hours.
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breezes are something we haven't had to contend with this evening and through tomorrow morning. the breeze starts to pick up. that's why i'm still seeing bit breezy. and then breezy by afternoon as wendz are upwards of 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnight, light breeze in the evening hours, bough blanket of clouds is helping keep temperatures steady. here's the clouds that are moved in. doppler radar tried to show a few light flakes trying to make their way in. that was mainly the mid level clouds. this is the beast, still sitting around affecting most of the northeastern united states. that's still wrapping around our northwest to west to northwest breezes. at least it's not as windy as what we had had a couple days ago. that big-time storm is pushing off into the atlantic. we still have a few flakes wrapping around here and there. in the overnight hours, saturday into sunday, sunday into monday, you might see a flake. a flurry at best, no accumulations. it is no storm way out west in parts of california rolling down the coast. this is the one our eyes are on
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for tuesday into wednesday. it's going to roll through the southern united states, form a low pressure zone in the gulf of mexico, cross over florida, and come out as a coastal storm and rise up the coast. now, just exactly where is it going stick closer to the coast? we're a little bit farther out to sea. we will have a huge impact on a potential for snow. men time, let's see temperatures get back down to the upper 20s to around the freezing mark. 30, 31, right in the heart of d.c. tomorrow, we get more sunshine, upper 40s. a few more clouds, and we're a few degrees cooler than that mid-40s, 44, 45. optimistic here, guys. going to stick with that forecast into the upper 40s. if you go down to the south, more sunshine down there is going to get us back into the upper 40s and 50s. out west, a few more clouds there in the highest of elevations. and way out in garrett county, winter storm warnings continue. that's way far out there. 51 for monday. there's the clouds moving back tuesday with 43-degree high
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before we get a chance of snow. i'm taking the mid-line forecast which says we will get more snow tuesday, wednesday. this is going to be another accumulating snow, but right now, just far enough off to the coast that we're not getting pummeled with another historic storm is the way i'm seeing is it right now. i still think we're looking at definite accumulation of stuff we're going to have to deal with. definitely a big nuisance, but all eyes will be on how their involves, and we'll keep you updated. >> spring will get here whenever it gets here. >> eventually. >> maybe you won't see much of it and then just right to summer. >> okay, devon, thanks a lot. more than a dozen mayors gathered at homestead air reserve base to make a tandem jump with the u.s. army golden knights. >> they will be falling at 120 miles per hour. they will be in free-fall for about 60 seconds. >> we think the -- we take the punches, the kicks, and i think the jumping vought the airplane is the same thing we do every
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day as mayor. >> 12,000 feet in the air when they jump. the only question is why would they do that. >> i would not do that. >> it's a rush, big rush. >> i'm not that kind of adrenaline junky. >> you're not? >> no, i don't need that. >> but what a great game. >> if you were at that maryland game, it seems like every game we see what an unbelievable finish. ahead in sports, the terps add massive delay, but the show greivis vasquez and his teammates put on well wait the worth -- well worth the way. on the hilltop, no celebrating for the hoyas. we'll tell what you went wrong and what maryland football star is making a splash at the nfl combine. all those stories next. let's hear it for saving on the healthy stuff.
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in blacks berg today no beverages were harmed when a beer truck struck a fire hydrant but the accident resulted in a broken water main which meant the hokies had had no running water or working bathrooms in their arena. after a three-hour delay the school said, game on anyway. the fans could come to the game, they just have to hold it longer than anyone could have imagined. that accident actually caused three different water main pipes to break, and while they were hard at work trying to get it fixed, it wouldn't happen before tip-off time. for fans after waiting patiently, at the end of regulation, erik hayes thinks he just gave maryland another last-second win. that put maryland up two, but malcolm delaney had had other ideas. he goes coast to coast. this one is going into overtime. it would be maryland's second ot game of the year. under 10 seconds to play. greivis vasquez for the win. that's a no-go. a chance to put it away.
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thompson's lay-up. we're going to double ot. no bathroom breaks yet. greivis vasquez played out of his mind tonight. a career high 41 points. the hokies couldn't recover. maryland wins 104-100, maryland's 5th straight win. second place with first place duke coming to town in the acc battle next week. charlotte at george washington, colonial looking for a win on home coming night. second half, george washington rolling up 11. tony taylor three of his game high 16 here as george washington beats charlotte 75- 70. third straight win at home. they've won four of their last five. at the verizon center all the facilities were operating there just fine. it was the home team however that was the problem. in a georgetown season punctuated by huge wins and upsets the hoyas were on the disappointing end tonight of that spectrum. jt3's squad hosting. first half, irish already up
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five. jackson misses the three. carlton scott there for the put- back. notre dame up four at the half. the hoyas would rally. thompson here for three. georgetown pulls within four but there would be no comeback today. ben hansbrough here, yes, big brother is named tyler, 13th- ranked georgetown falls 78-64. in other big east action, cincinnati at west virginia. mountaineers up four but darrell bryant is going to feed wellington smith. this would be an exclamation point. west virginia beats cincinnati. mountaineers host the hoyas on monday. northeastern at george mason, the patriots regular season finale tied with just seconds to play. the game winner try, misses but fouled. he would hit two of three free throw attempts. northeastern beats george mason 50-48. mason ends the regular season
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17-13. over at bender arena, lafayette at american, seconds to go before the half. the patriots would get the ball counsel the court to vlad who drains the three. he had a game high 26. american wins 78-60. football, and as a team, maryland hasn't been very good. they were dead last in the acc this he season. but in recent years at the nfl combine, terps players have been great. today that tradition continued. last year receiver darrius heyward-bey wowed scouts. today, bruce campbell did the same. fourth fastest for a linemaine combine history. a speed that puts the 314- pounder on pace with what tight ends would run. campbell should go in the first round at a position the redskins desperately need to improve on. mike shanahan states the obvious. >> when you take a look at the offensive line, first of all, there's a lot of injuries. you lose your left tackles in samuels, left guard in thomas,
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injuries throughout the season so that was a battered group. >> olympic count for you quickly. bobsled took gold tonight. that gives the americans a total of 36 medals. they will collect another one tomorrow in the hockey game. this is the highest medal count the americans have ever had at the winter games. i think the highest medal count that any country has had. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. bye. g÷g÷uññ with the verizon fios multi-room dvr,
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